Stand Up For Education

This evening I attended an event consisting of school board members and administrators from all over Allegheny County where several state legislators spoke regarding education and fielded questions from the audience. It was a great learning experience but a bit disheartening as well. The event was recorded and can be viewed online here. If you are concerned about education PLEASE take the time to watch the full video. They talked about the biggest issues concerning education, although basically said not much is happening to address the issues.

On my drive home from the event, I was thinking about playing the political game. I believe that partisan politics hurts our country and was proud to be elected to school board as someone who is unaffiliated with any particular party. I’ve never been a huge fan of politics and don’t consider myself a politician. That said, with the direction our schools are headed, and after seeing which legislators showed up to the event and listening to all of them speak, it may be time to soften my stance and switch to being a Democrat. If it means I can have more influence on the current state of education then it will be worth it.

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