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Board Breakdown

Below is a list of Northgate School Board members, their email addresses, and the committees to which they belong. I was told it has been past practice to have new board members sit on the Finance committee for 6 months before moving to their actual committee. Therefore, Finance members Bryan Johnston and Amy Joy Robinson will switch with Student Affairs members Jennifer McWilliams and Lisa Saylor half way through the year. This list does not include ad-hoc committees that may be formed throughout the year on an as-needed basis, for purposes such as contract negotiations or superintendent review.

Mr. Daniel O’Keefe
Committees: PSBA Liason, Legislative

Dr. Timothy Makatura
Vice President
Committees: Building and Grounds, Finance, Food Service, Personnel, Transportation

Mr. Gary Paladin
Committees: Finance, Beattie, Communications, Intergovernmental

Mrs. Brigitte Jackson
Committees: Building and Grounds, Athletic, Chamber of Commerce Rep, Intergovernmental

Mr. Bryan Johnston
Committees: Finance, Food Service, Transportation, Technology

Mrs. Jennifer McWilliams
Committees: Student Affairs, Athletic, Personnel, Transportation

Mrs. Amy Joy Robinson
Committees: Finance, Athletic, Communications, Technology

Mrs. Lisa Saylor
Committees: Student Affairs, Beattie, Fine Arts, Communications

Dr. Shannon Smithey
Committees: Student Affairs, Food Service, Personnel