Fall Sport Options

I was a bit surprised to learn at a recent school board meeting that the board had previously voted to not allow students to participate in multiple fall sports. I had no idea that this policy was already in place. I think one thing that makes Northgate a great school is being small and allowing students to participate in as many activities as possible. When I was in highschool I had the opportunity to participate in football and marching band at the same time, as did many others. There were also individuals who participated in cheerleading and marching band and I assume there were other crossover activities as well. If I were forced to make a choice when I was a student, I would have chosen football over band. But then I wouldn’t have had all the great experiences that I had when being a part of the marching band for 5 years in high school (performing in front of various audiences, taking trips with the band, making new friends, serving as drum major), I most likely wouldn’t have went on to perform in wind ensemble in college (taking more interest in music, performing more difficult pieces, receiving a more well rounded education), and I probably wouldn’t have the same musical interests and appreciation for the arts that I have today. I always appreciated Northgate for allowing me to have such opportunities because I knew at other schools I would have had to choose one activity and possibly risk being cut or forced to serve a lesser role. I hope the school board will reconsider their previous decision and allow students to participate in as many activities as they wish. I’ve always felt it is what makes Northgate stand out among other schools and is something I hope to address in the future.

One response to “Fall Sport Options

  • bryanpjohnston

    I haven’t officially checked on this, but heard that marching band may be exempt from this fall sport policy. So my example above may not be valid, but I think it conveys my point.

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