Northgate School Board Meeting 5-13-2013

Here are a few notes I took down from the last school board meeting. There were a lot of things covered at the meeting, the few points I have below are just some things that stuck out to me personally.

  • A few Bellevue parents gave concerns regarding their children having to go to Avalon. They said they knew children from North Ave, Orchard Ave and Shave Ave that had to switch schools but weren’t sure about Means Ave (Means Ave is parallel to all of those streets and is between Orchard Ave and North Ave). I hadn’t planned on speaking but to settle my own curiosity I asked if in fact any children from Means had to go to Avalon. Dr. Pasquerilla said at this time no children from Means Ave have to go to Avalon.
  • Another parent stated that Dr. Pasquerilla said to her a while ago that no honors classes would be cut. She then asked Dr. Pasquerilla if middle school honors classes would now be cut. He said not yet but wouldn’t rule it out. School board member Dr. Smithey asked if Dr. Pasquerilla meant that there would be scheduling conflicts which may mean some students won’t be able to take honors classes if they conflicted with other classes offerings. He said yes, although personally, I feel that is a bit different than what Dr. Pasquerilla’s had just previously stated about the possibility of cutting honors classes.
  • The proposed budget amount is $20,516,496 and the millage rate is set at 22.9206 mils (tentatively). As of this Friday, May 17, 2013, the budget will be available in each of the school buildings for those that want to review it. The finalized budget is due by June 17, 2013.
  • Near the end of the meeting, school board member Gary Paladin remarked that thinking that taxes aren’t going to increase is an unrealistic thought.


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